Top 4 Reasons Why Law Firms Needs Managed IT Support

Operating a law firm is not an easy feat. The lawyers need to store large amounts of information in an orderly manner and protect it from unauthorized access. You can store a plethora of vital files and folders on a small disk or a flash drive. If your data is too much, then you have the option to keep it off-site in the cloud servers. This will banish the need of keeping hardware and software and thereby save your time and money.
Before the above solutions, law officers had to fill in the information on a piece of paper containing several boxes. It was a really frustrating and irritating task. A few years ago, more than half of the time of law firms wasted maintaining legal files and papers. This greatly affected the productivity and efficiency of their employees. However, the managed IT services for law firms has changed the scenario. Legal professionals have become more competitive as they do not have to worry about organizing and securing the vital data. The managed service provider (MSP) manages their files and folders on virtual servers and provides high-level security.
Many legal authorities have a myth that they can handle their IT infrastructure on their own. In fact, technology has become so advanced that it is not possible to manage software and hardware as well as legal aspects in parallel. You can focus on your core competencies by partnering with a managed service provider to manage the technical aspects linked with your law business. Read on to know why your law firm needs a managed IT solution.

How Managed IT Support Can Benefit Law Firms

Being a legal advisor, you need to store and manage a vast amount of confidential information daily. You have complete access to sensitive information of your customers like contact number, account number, etc. Along with that, you have full access to all confidential data related to the person’s case.

Take time and think, what will happen if such confidential and sensitive information comes into the hands of an unauthorized person. It will really put you in big trouble. These days the data breach is not uncommon, hundreds of law firms become victims of unethical hackers every-day. Your law office might be one of them sooner or later. Therefore, it would be better to take cybersecurity measures in time.

The MSP offers high level IT support for law firms to protect their confidential files and folders. They safeguard your systems and database from viruses and hacker attacks and alerts you immediately when any suspicious activity is detected.

As a law officer, you may need to access vital files and folders anytime from anywhere. For instance, you are in an outdoor meeting with a client, and suddenly you realize that some legal reports are needed. In such cases, managed IT services are helpful. By subscribing to cloud services for your law firm, you can retrieve documents from any device at any location. Not just that, cloud-storage provides you substantial data security.
The savvy legal advisor knows the importance of maintaining government regulations such as HIPAA. HIPPA protects the individual’s personal and confidential information from being leaked. The law providers are responsible for securing the sensitive information of their clients. If they are not able to do so, they have to pay heavy fines or serve punishment. The obsolete IT technology may unmask the data to the cybercriminals. The experienced and skilled MSP keeps your hardware and software up to date and thus helps you to comply with government regulations.
Gone are the days when only 4 or 5 lawyers were found in a town. In present times, hundreds of lawyers provide services in a particular area, and there is a high level of competition between legal firms. In such competitive times, system downtime can severely affect your business reputation and give your competitor a chance to steal your customers. It is important to seek the help of IT professionals to protect your business from serious consequences. They do proactive monitoring and protect your systems and network from getting failed. Also, unlike your IT team, which works to fix timing 9 to 5, the managed IT service providers provide 24X7 hours of support. All you need to do is to make a phone call, and a team of IT experts will be at your doorstep.

Wrapping Up:

If you agree that the client’s data and its management are of paramount importance for your law agency, you will probably be looking for managed IT support for your law firm. PropelU4WARD is an IT service provider and specializes in handling the unique digital transformation needs. Visit our website or call us on 734.234.0208 to learn more about our IT solutions.